Rubber seed oil for electrophoretic paint production

Update: 12/9/2014

More use of rubber particles
Note In Son said: "Seeds of rubber seedlings of green sprouts not only for land, but it also has many other effects, such as oil extraction, soap making, composting ... At the same manufacturing facility Thu Hong, Ms. Hong - all sharing basis, to reduce production costs, in recent years, she often took husk compost as fertilizer rubber. This distribution of fertilizer in combination with other fertilizers for good results.
Journal of Chemical Industry, Science and Technology Institute - Building Materials (MOC) in conjunction with the Hanoi National University has studied the possibility of using oil and rubber additives and preservatives grinding aid cement (TKA-2). Accordingly, the modified rubber oil additive will have the effect of further increasing mill productivity by 10-25%, and have the effect of increasing mobility, the rider's wet cement, while allowing drag long storage time 1-2 months.
Rubber oil sales under the oil dry. Essential components of rubber and oil are linoleic acid, palmitoleic, eleic. Oil and rubber easily participate cumulative effects, soap products, esterification, sulphonated, sulphate of ... On the subject, TKA-2 were prepared using 98% concentrated sulfuric acid at temperatures <350C to sulphonated rubber oil, rubber processing oil revenues were calculated. Then turn the rubber to oil interacts with triethanolamine (TEA) at a temperature of 130 -1650C in catalytic conditions.
Also from rubber seed oil, a group of scientists from the Institute of Tropical Technology and Environmental Protection recently concluded the project "Research electrophoretic paint made ​​from rubber seed oil". This research group has developed synthetic process electrophoretic original painting by reaction of vegetable oil mixed with chemical maleic anhydrie. At the same time build a thermal process to produce neutralizing solution electrophoretic paint capable of producing membrane easily. According to the research team, electrophoretic coating with uniform traction, ball, better protection of metal substrates. Electrophoretic paint made ​​from rubber seed oil opens up many possibilities for application as a primer to protect the mechanical parts, household goods ...
Vegetable oils are cheap and available in the country, scientists say oil from rubber particles can produce many alternative materials imported products such as grinding aid additives and preservatives cement and manufacturing electrophoretic paint, fertilizer, soap ...
It can be said Le Van Protection business (currently Chairman - General Director of JSC Investment and Business Golf Long Thanh), who 28 years ago was the first Vietnam has detected the effects of rubber particles can be pressed into oil processing. In one brought his wife and children out playing in Dong Nai, a rubber forest is beautiful, inspiring and stopped him well ... and then infected retina lie. There are a load of sweet potatoes to go through, his wife always buy some sign. Seeing with potatoes, he came up with the desired control eating baked potatoes. So the whole family went cultivate dry leaves, firewood in the forest fire rubber. Bonfires burning suddenly from the ordinary with sparks shooting out. He looked surprised Testing strange sparks that and do not understand why there were such a phenomenon. You dig the look and discovered that sparks from rubber particles. At that time, the thought flashed through his head: rubber County fire and sparks shooting out ... it must have oil. He referred that question to her (which is a chemical engineer) and so they decided to collect rubber particles scattered throughout the forest.
Saigon, his wife brought rubber particles Check oil pressure with some friends and chemical engineers tinkering is experimenting to see this oil thing is to do. Bring cooking is not right, concentrates on the investigation to lubricate machinery is not ... after much preparation and testing, they finally found the rubber seed oil dispensing module is a good wall Painting most. This painting things ductility, no cracks when exposed to the sun, rain exposure. The oil obtained from the seeds of the rubber to mix paint was a surprise success, the use of the residue remaining after oil pressing more surprise - it's a very good thing fertilizers.

N.Cuong, Van Thang
Source: "Rubber Vietnam Magazine"

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