Thanh Hoa: Bustling jellyfish season

Update: 9/15/2014

Jellyfish species to appear only after the Lunar New Year variety to the end of the summer. With many of Thanh Hoa waters, jellyfish blooming season is exploited in April, May every year. This is the time of the busiest fishing and high income variables by jellyfish.
These days, working atmosphere at the sea as more robust. Local mining operations and processing jellyfish most effective not to mention the Hoang Hoa district.

10 am, dozens of fishermen villages threaded friend Thanh Xuan, Hoang Truong Commune (Hoang Hoa) has landed. Just pillow friends at the beach as well as his wife, children and friends all ran out to see the fruits of the sea trip and help them collect the net, canine jellyfish on shore. Hundreds of jellyfish like the pot upside down, which she poured on the sand, waiting for people to transport. Reportedly, Thanh Xuan village has more than 100 professionals participated raft stream mining jellyfish. Since there is a high profit in the previous year, so this year, many households have invested more shopping mining jellyfish friends, hire more workers.
Fishery and processing jellyfish bring high incomes for many workers in Hoang Truong Commune (Hoang Hoa)

Pham Le Thao, Deputy Chairman Hoang Truong Commune People's Committee, said: "The commune has about 500 ships, with more than 1,000 friends for catching jellyfish labor, income from jellyfish fishery is much higher than fishing . Means of fishermen jellyfish mostly rafts made ​​from bamboo trees assembled, and installed generators can be put to sea.
Traditionally, the friend stream mining takes place near the shore (below 10 knots) so fishermen can catch two flights per day. Jellyfish are the owners bought at an average price of 70,000 VND / fish. Many jellyfish to cost a hundred thousand. A friend stream with two operators "hit", which can be from 20 to 30 units / day. Unless cost per labor exploitation jellyfish income from 200,000 to 1,000,000 / day. The year before, on the day exploit jellyfish blooming, many friends can harness more than 100 head per day jellyfish. In the commune, many families have become rich by exploiting jellyfish, because they have the experience, leave your money invested modern jellyfish nets. Typically the family of Mr. Le Van Luc, Truong Dinh Thu (Rural Alliance), daily income from mining millions of jellyfish. Therefore, the jellyfish season, many vessels are also switched on mining 90CV jellyfish. Department of jellyfish in 2011, the fishing vessel Hoang Truong commune in high income from the exploitation of jellyfish in the waters of Van Don (Quang Ninh), Co (Hai Phong) ... Jellyfish exploited, the ship on sale for local traders and Chinese buyers. Many big ships go 2 months on a time, earning hundreds of millions.

Based on the experience of the fishermen, in another few weeks, it will appear more jellyfish in the waters of Thanh Hoa. Certainly the air catching and processing jellyfish will become more robust. Reportedly, Hoang Truong commune is 11 seafood processing facilities are large-scale investments, and 20 other processing facilities on a smaller scale. The semi-processed jellyfish are very simple people do. Jellyfish fresh grease is cleaned, cut into pieces and soak them with alum and salt water, over the last few days, pieces of jellyfish will tighten and harden. After each service jellyfish, a jellyfish processing facility interest from dozens or even hundreds of millions. The owners of processed jellyfish has become typical social enrichment of his family, Nguyen Van Sen, Nguyen Thi Dung, Le Van Trung ... Jellyfish have been preliminarily processed by traders from other provinces, or in China brought trucks and specialized vehicles into commune advantage to purchasing. Every jellyfish season, many of the social workers in the coastal provinces (particularly onshore workers) to increase employment and income.

In the salty sea breeze and the sunshine of early summer, the sweat is hard to pleasure the extraction and processing of jellyfish in the sea. In recent years, jellyfish dishes are always on the menu mannequin's many restaurants, hotels and diners are increasingly popular. That is a good sign of a sustainable market for jellyfish that people have the right waters hoped.
  Le Dong
According to Thanh Hoa news

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