Additional opportunity for seafood exports to Russia

Update: 10/27/2014
 Additional opportunity for seafood exports to Russia
Tra fish processing

(VEN) - The National Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality Assurance Department (NAFIQAD) said that the department reviewed and evaluated businesses in meeting necessary conditions to promote seafood exports to Russia. As a result, the country has 60 seafood businesses fully meeting all conditions.

On October 17, NAFIQAD sent documents to the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance to propose Russia approving 60 Vietnamese seafood businesses who fully meet all conditions in food safety and hygiene. After Russia officially reopened the market for Vietnamese Tra fish, this is following good news.

Russia remains a potential market for Vietnamese seafood due to a large consumption demand ranging from 3.1-3.2 million tonnes per year. However, this is considered a fastidious market with stringent requirements, especially for food safety and hygiene.

Maxim Golikov, Head of the Russia Trade Representative Agency in Vietnam said the Russian market had special rules for quality and export method. These strict regulations on product quality are also a great concern. Russia requires even higher quality standards than the EU market. “However, all these rules are clear and seafood businesses will access to its large market if they meet all conditions,” Maxim Golikov said.

With a home of 200 million people, Russia remains a potential market for Vietnam’s agricultural products. Vietnamese seafood products imported into Russia is expected to enjoy a tax rate of zero percent when the Vietnam-Customs Union FTA takes effect.

Maxim Golikov also added that thanks to features in the traditional relationship between the two countries, Russia had always given top priorities to promote trade relations with Vietnam. A free trade agreement (FTA) between Vietnam and the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan is scheduled for conclusion by the end of this year. Vietnam will become the first country in the world outside SNG signing a FTA with Russia. In addition, Russia is also adopting many measures to increase agriculture, forestry and fishery imports from Vietnam. Russia has also provided a list of necessary items in supermarkets to Vietnam. This is a great opportunity to promote Vietnam’s exports to the Russian market.

Russian Agency for Support of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises General Director Victor Ermakov said that the agency had worked with Vietnamese agencies to discuss measures to help Vietnam promote agriculture, forestry and fishery exports to the Russian market. As a result, the Animal and Plant Quarantine of the Russian Federation (VPSS) lifted its temporary embargo on seafood imports from seven Vietnamese businesses. “Vietnamese businesses will be legally protected interests and enjoy all incentives and conditions such as credit and risk insurance like a Russian company,” Victor Ermakov said.

Thanks to good news, seafood export turnover to Russia and Customs Union is expected to strongly increase in the coming time.

NAFIQAD added that the department reviewed and evaluated more 40 seafood businesses. However, they have not yet met all necessary conditions./.

By Phuong Lan -

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