Support aquaculture farmers switch from standard Metro to VietGAP

Update: 10/30/2014

From September to now, Vietnam Metro Company in collaboration with the General Fisheries training for more than 20 establishments in the Mekong Delta for aquaculture farming VietGAP standards.
Farmers who already applied this standard in aquaculture Metro, with species including frogs in Dong Thap, eel and red tilapia in Can Tho, Vinh Long snakehead.
In partnership program,the General Fisheries funding for basic surveys, soil analysis, water samples, air to determine the concentration of production and certification organizations hire, evaluate certification VietGAP product standards for the protection and satisfactory group. Expected aquaculture training VietGAP standards will be completed and certified to farmers in January 12/2014.

These farmers have been trained in the program not only has the ability to better meet the needs of customers in the future Metro but also increase networking opportunities with many partners, other markets.

Thanh Son

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