Anchovy big win

Update: 10/31/2014

Currently the price of fresh anchovies from 8-10 thousand / kg, depending on the good or bad quality. Higher than last year about 2-3 thousand / kg.
Anchovy big win
Every year in the month of September (lunar calendar), anchovy fishing season comes. West coast fishermen prepare Mau sailing gear. The joy of this year's fishermen sometimes anchovies winning season, is the price.

This form of fishing inshore, consistent with the small boats, go during the day. Area for anchovy fishing in the inlet concentration of the U Minh District, Tran Van Thoi, Ngoc Hien ... in which Doc River estuary (Tran Van Thoi district) and Khanh Hoi estuary (U Minh district) are two point is people focused exchange traded commodities.

According to some fishermen in the Song Doc, this year's rice output broader fish, not only supply the domestic market but also businesses purchasing for export processing. Currently the price of fresh anchovies from 8-10 thousand / kg, depending on the good or bad quality. Higher than last year about 2-3 thousand / kg.

Tran Thanh Quang, households who are fishing anchovies, fresh sale processing businesses in the town Doc Rivers said this year farmers have higher incomes few years ago, thanks catches pretty, price high fish. Moreover anchovy season came earlier than usual, fishermen on fishing for over a month now.

People prepare to harvest fish sold to traders
Do Van Su, Deputy Head of Agriculture and Rural Development, said Tran Van Thoi district: "exploited anchovy season from September lunar calendar, but depending on the weather each year that season anchovies different lengths, often approaching festival will end the season, fishermen moved through the exploitation of other objects. this year is the price anchovies, catches up relatively well people work harder revenues fairly ".

With his family in Khanh Hai Huyen (Tran Van Thoi district), this season he just put his boat into the sea anchor at the inlet to catch Doc Rivers high tide, the sea smooth wait "hunting" small fish this.

Sea waves are calm, everyday he and a friend went out to sea and often wake from 3-4 am, noon fishing near the inlet shipping on consumption. According to Mr. Huyen, winning connections a day can catch a ton of fish, if they are less drying on sale will bring more profit.

Those fishing the local rice calculations, approximately 4 kg of fresh anchovies after drying will 1kg of dried fish. Prices dried anchovies traders collect an average of 45-50 thousand / kg. Anchovies have 3 common types, anchovies bun (the fish are small and white like stalks of rice vermicelli), this type of rare and most expensive, the price of up to 90 thousand / kg.

And anchovies tip is the most common fish sold for 50 thousand / kg and anchovies off with, this kind of flat fish and less meat selling price is only about 35 thousand / kg. Dried anchovies price today, higher than the same period last year more than 10 thousand / kg.

Pham Van Tinh, a collector buy dried anchovy provide market and South Eastern Highlands said this year's price was high, but the market for quite picky, they just prefer anchovies noodles and anchovies tip. Currently the new anchovy season long no longer sucking up the goods. In particular, the Highlands is easy to market the most consumed fish.

In addition, this year a number of businesses purchasing fresh to processed, and then exported to other markets in the region (mainly China), not only for local consumption dried and partially used fish sauce as before.

Tran Hieu
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