Tuna winning season strong

Update: 10/31/2014

This time, though ocean tuna fishing not catching on the case, but thanks to favorable weather, sailing vessel landed is also teeming with fish.
In addition, the current price of tuna is higher, nearly double the same period last year ...

According to Ms. Mai Thi Kim, the Director of Department of Mining and aquatic resource protection rot (KT-BVNTTS), Binh Dinh, fishing for tuna fishermen of Binh Dinh ended on September lunar calendar. Every year, this time, due to the high water temperature should fish less appear, and if caught, the fish is very low quality, so the fishing boats are anchored shore or other jobs.

Lunar to November, when it became the northeast monsoon, the tuna fishing ocean fishing for new new, as this season appears more fish. However, today, thanks to favorable weather and sea storms should occur at the time was supposed to leave the shore, the ships caught tuna in Binh Dinh continued at sea.

Van Cong Vietnamese fishermen (50 years old) in region 5, ward Port, Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh), excited, said: "The family tui 2 fishing vessels are fishing the tuna. A vessel numbered BD-91 189 TS (380 CV), the other bearing number BD-91 251 TS (420 CV).

Dr. BD-91 251 existing vessels are fishing offshore fishing trip but not finished touch by ICOM, tui are known to have caught more than 1 ton of fish. Not knowing this trip with a visit before not, but BD-91 251 train trips before hitting much TS, 2.6 tons of fish landed, selling price 110,000 / kg.

After deducting all expenses, each crew member is split 11 million, everyone was excited. Im still accelerate capacity upgrades for the ship LZ-380 TS 91 189 CV to 800 CV to the open sea for the moment tuna fishing season has just hit, just hit the price ".
Tran Van Vinh, deputy Sub Sub KT-NADAREP Binh Dinh: "Binh Dinh currently has 550 specialized vessels catching tuna, concentrated in Tam Quan Bac (Hoai Nhon). There are also 450 other tuna fishing just by doing a combination of squid fishing, seine ".

According to the ship owner specializing in tuna fishing in Binh Dinh, causes tuna prices are now rising in the past due to tuna production in Binh Dinh lower than any year in Meanwhile the fish stocks in the agents were brought to consume. Due to the backlog of goods all fishermen should now sell its products to be price pressure as before.

"If the price of fish kept stable at this level, the fishing vessel Ocean Tuna will all miserable," Van Cong Vietnamese fishermen, said.

Mr. Nguyen Van Long, station chiefs-economic NADAREP Hoai Nhon district, said: "Currently, 80-90% of trains tuna fishing locally, including fishing vessels were combined operating offshore tuna fishing.

Con last moon ship most tuna fishing in Hoai Nhon are winning season, an average of 20 fishing trips per day per ship 2 tons of fish caught. With the price of 110,000 / kg stable for several months now, people in the industry are happy as opportunity. "

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