Pure passion juice is extracted from fresh passion fruit Dalat

Update: 10/11/2014

 - Condensed Bold added sugar mixed with cold water to drink immediately.
This product is rich in natural nutrients, refreshments are very beneficial to health - Especially cardio, strengthening resistance.

* Volume: 500 ml / 16 907 fl oz
* Carton: 24 bottles
* Weight: 500ml / bottle
How to use:

Air to water ratio of 1 part passion juice 2 parts water. More delicious drink with ice.
Can be mixed with a cocktail of alcohol drinks

Passion fruit juice containing alkaloids help lower blood pressure, sedation, analgesia, and against the effects of contractions.
passion fruit contains no cholesterol, rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, is a source of potassium and iron abundance, an excellent source of fiber, and soothes the muscles are tensed. The nutrient composition of 100g lemon climbing: water: 84.70g, energy: 44.91 kCals, protein: 2.8gr, fat: 0.50g, Fiber: 3.30g, C Street: 7.39g, potassium: 350.00mg magnesium: 39.00mg, sodium: 28.00mg, calcium: 16.00mg, phosphorus: 54.00mg. In addition, the remaining lemon climbing zinc, manganese, copper, vitamin B, vitamin E, niacin, B-carotene and small amounts of other substances.
Ripe passion fruit pulp has a sour sweet, pale yellow, often used as a refreshing drink by adding fruit, take out the meat inside, then rub lightly pressed juice extract. Add white sugar and boiled water, stir to get a cup.
The country has a tonic effect, cool, heat, soft target, sedative, laxative, diuretic. Can be combined with other fruits such as pineapple, soursop, durian ... make a mixture of water and shake well.
Researchers at the University of Florida (USA) has found that extracts of yellow passion fruit peel could combat cancer cells thanks to two active ingredients are plant-derived carotenoids and polyphenols. And Professor Watson (also of the University of Florida) and his colleagues then demonstrated that the extracts from purple passion fruit peel reduces to 75% of the stock of wheezing in people with asthma and improve capacity of their breathing.

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