Dried fishery – Gift for Tet holiday

Update: 1/16/2015
Every year, on Tet holiday, consumers from countryside to city choose dried shrimp or fish to use or present for relatives, friends… Understanding the demand, businesses start producing dried shrimp and fish with a great amount to serve consumers on Tet holiday. 



Dong Hai commune, Duyen Hai district is a famous place of dried fishery in the province. Every year, it provides tons of dried shrimp and fish. Although dried shrimp and fish is more and more popular, dried fish of Tien Hai business is still precious gift many people choose in Tet holiday with 10-year trademark. This year, Mr. Duong Tien Hai – Owner of Tien Hai business is happy because consumers still like his dried shrimp and fish. He said every year in Tet holiday, his business provided about 3-4 tons of dried shrimp and fish, made job for 10 local labors with income of 2.5-3 million VND/month. This year, his business produces over 5 tons because he received many orders from agents in other provinces. Until now, the business prepared enough goods source for Tet holiday with over 5 tons dried shrimp and fish costing from 200.000-1.2 million VND/kg. According to Mr. Hai, dried shrimp and fish price would change because of unstable material source due to unfavorable weather condition. Therefore, dried shrimp and fish price would increase abut 10%. Every day, the business produces about 200 kg dried fish, but this year, because of increased market demand, the business must produce 300-400kg/day with sell price of 20.000-400.000 VND/kg for dried fish and 600.000-1,2 million VND/kg for dried shrimp. Mr. Hai added with tradition way, the business could produce only tens kg, but since he invested industrial dryer, the amount increased twice and he could reduce labor cost. In Tet holiday, the business employs 30-50 labors to process fisher with average income of 120.000-150.000 VND/day/labor. 


Apart from Tien Hai business, many households in the province also earn by producing dried shrimp and fish price. The business of Ms. Tran Thi Kham, living at Cha Va hamlet, Vinh Kim commune, is an example. Every year, her business provides over 1 tons dried shrimp in Tet holiday. According to Ms. Hai Kham, her product was preferred because it was made from sand shrimp, so she could not produce enough product for the market. Ms. Hai Kham said in recent years, sand shrimp source decreased strongly, so she could buy only 10-20kg/day. Material sand shrimp is from 40.000-100.000 VND/kg, depends on its size. Because of lack of material, in Tet holiday, the business just produces basing on orders. She balance orders and finds material. For her, prestige and quality is prioritized, so she can keep her brand over 30 years. To meet dried shrimp demand of customers in Tet holiday, she finds more material in coastal communes and pay in advance. At the present, special dried shrimp type 1 costs 1,2 million VND/kg, type 2 and 3 cost 600.000-800.000 VND/kg. In Tet holiday, the price may increase about 200.000 VND/kg because material shrimp price increases. According to Ms. Kham, to keep shrimp sweet, delicious and hard, she must boil and shuck shrimp which is dried under the sun or dryer. Dried shrimp is much smaller than fresh shrimp. Averagely, 1kg dried shrimp is made from 10kg fresh shrimp, depends on shrimp size. Especially, salt, fire for dried shrimp must be enough. To meet requirement, shrimp must be dried on cement yard to keep its red and firm. With the method, every dried shrimp and fish price business takes advantage of their strong point to produce product which meets consumer’s demand. However, concerned branches must enhance inspection of food safety hygiene and promote price stabilization in Tet holiday. 


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