Update: 2/27/2015

New chili varieties that farmers grow, plant trees that dotted the wrong results, but the results were half insect attack, do fall out.

The first case Manufacturers favorable , but following erratic weather , pest plants infected more severely affected causing farmers yield losses . Nghe An hot these days but in harsh Hung Thong many farmers still cling cling copper fields .

However, air exuberant , boisterous start of the season gone , replaced by the worries , depression clearly shown on each face .

Mr. Chau Van Binh at around 10 fed up : " My family planted peppers 2 pole , the first time no matter what , but from the last week in April , the pests appear , they grow so fast should all preventive measures are not effective . Peppers are also water shortages . Pepper yield this definitely declined " .

Production of goods in Hung Nguyen is difficult , in that the unit consumption , the government and the farmers are confused . If not soon find a way to resolve , lest this model " premature death " .

Ms. Ho Thi Lien Village in 11 , said: " Asia Ltd , said at least every peppers will bring 100,000 , multiply the interest as well as tens of million / season . Initially seen trees grow well , everyone was excited . I was contemplating buying season motorcycle but Jacob ... " .

New chili varieties that farmers grow , plant trees that dotted the wrong results , but the results were half insect attack , do fall out . These days , Ms. Lien people out in the fields from dawn to pick peppers for sale ( company sent employees to take procurement contracts ) but income not worth it .

1 kg chilli though pricing is still 10,000 , but after sorting , most only is type 2 ( 6,000 VND / kg ) , the more people try the sun all day long sold only 50,000 / sessions .

According to Cao Van Tu , agricultural officers Thong Hung , a local government understands the difficulties that people are facing and are rushing to do a report submitted to the district court to find out early evening most priority . Mr. Tu also said that this is the new model should deal of experience of the problems encountered is limited .

A similar situation is happening in the chilli growing area in Hung Tay commune , Long Hung and Hung Xa , causing anxiety for farmers . Mr. Pham Minh Tung , Chairman Hung Long cooperatives concerns : " If evolution is favorable revenue peppers definitely higher commodity rice , peanuts . In order to overcome the shortage of water , the cooperative has invested mobilizing funds for drilling right outside the park . But with bollworm still can not control . "

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