Export anchovies and fish meal will increase by 12% by 2015

Update: 3/3/2015
Pork estimates, in 2014, the Peruvian fishmeal production dropped 39% and the value of exports decreased by 4%.
The lunch stop fishing in Acts 2 is a positive move. Favorable climate and the suspension of mining will develop anchovies. Forecast anchovy stocks will increase by 12%.





According to the National Commission of Peru which tracks El Niño phenomenon (ENFEN), Summer 2015, warmer than expected. This will be beneficial for the development of the Peruvian anchovy stocks.
Fishmeal prices rose by reduced supply in 2014. Pass rates $ 2,033 / ton in 2012, May 12/2014, fishmeal prices hit a new record of $ 2,290 / ton.
According to the latest forecasts, in 2015, production will reach 3.5 million anchovies tons, up 53% compared with predictions from 2014. With the increased fish catch, fish meal production will increase. But by reducing stockpiles of Peruvian exports will not be affected. However catches have high levels no longer dependent on climatic conditions.
2014, fishmeal production dropped 39%, but the value of exports increased by 4%.
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