"Sweating" because betel nut exports

Update: 4/3/2015

In 2007 this was considered the time limit transport of dried areca traders exporting jobs to China, to China .. with about 1,000 tons of dried areca been stagnant at the border. Sex trafficking cau estimated the number of losses up to $ 4 million.

Jump to month 10/2007 that Nguyen Tan Lap (Tam Xuan 1, Nui Thanh), all of the 40 largest kiln drying fabric of Quang Nam, has not yet been made public consignments. During this time also with his 2006 production was 100 tons. In early 2007, he published two tons and bounces back, had to pile up in the house.

"There must be buried alone, because it moldy and discolored," he said Lap. Two tons of dried areca worth 120 million, not a small amount, so that he unfortunately, not be left to linger.

Mr. Phan Hong Duc (Tam Phu, Tam Ky, Quang Nam), is considered the birth of the export structure drying job Quang Nam, dried areca estimated number was deposited at the Vietnam-China border at around 1,000 tonnes. The reason is that the Chinese traders buy low discount. A dried areca agreed to sign a $ 3.9 price but when they put the last row only be purchased for RMB 8-12. Dried areca traders contorted his face hole, reluctant sale, he was required to take breaks away. He Lap Thanh Hoa said in a drying oven for exports is very heavy losses, the current remaining 200 tons.

All kiln owners demand Admittedly, 2006 was the time of "Golden Age" of export structure drying job. At that time, 1 dried areca sign cost $ 3.9 - the highest ever. To get the materials, the kiln has pushed up the price of buying a towering, 14,000 VND / sign, while only the highest all year 5000-7000 contract / signing. Areca growers gloating because new plants have room to deposit the "ugly part".

Until he becomes fatigued materials, many ovens used both cau mountains, thick forests frown, sclerosis, mixed with a drying areca. Some ovens also enter the structure of Laos and Thailand for export to China and then dried. In 2006, he joined the oven about 30,000 tonnes of scowled results from Laos, Thailand, Cambodia even though you look at it not as good cau Vietnam. Therefore, the cau-quality coffee exports diminished, leaving customers are forced to cut prices or purchase contract in the past several months.

In addition, according to Germany, export prices fell and scowled drying line was so intense "tactics" of the Chinese traders. They pushed up prices, then "closed" not buy. Although also lost some money in advance for all ovens (10-30% of the contract value) but by reducing the purchase price to 1 USD / 1 Up (75% reduction) they will quickly recover and there are big words.

Not only were all sweating cau oven for farmers debt but also puzzled frown. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Pen (11 villages, Tien Tho, Tien Phuoc) was dubbed the "King scowling" Quang Nam because he owns 24,000 areca garden plants, including 1,000 trees are to the left. In 2006, he sold at a garden boy is 14.5 million tons of copper, which traders scrambling to buy. Seeing the price immature, he did not sell that to take the same hemisphere (too old). He sold 5,000 areca seed left pocket 5 million dong (VND 1,000 / results). In verse thirty years, he had never seen such prices left cau ...

But then, the last few months, areca garden wide as his jungle Pen no one had come. From 14,000 VND / Up, down fresh areca prices only 1,400 VND / Register. This year, he will collect an estimated 2 tons of areca fruit, the idea took 30 million to make, also very good now only 3 million. "Last year, I also share the house every night to watch the garden for fear of thieves, took a cau chamber is losing 50,000! This year areca garden full of fruit but nobody guarding, "he then adds coal, also range in October last year, traders boy, scowling like to Tien Tho nuom nuop, trucks queuing up countless days and nights , and this year is ...

His mood is also Pen general mood of 16,000 family farmers in Quang Nam cau. Quang Nam in 2006 to provide the market about 11,000 tons of boys, including 7,500 tons of immature (corresponding to export 1,600 tons of dried). Only immature, in 2006, farmers in Quang Nam has earned at least 67.5 billion (as of 9000 average copper price of areca / sign). This year is also very good with only a third of farmers lost about 40 billion damage. If both countries, the figure is much higher.

Mr. Phan Hong Duc said some customers recently India, the U.S., South Korea had to put his furnace problems cau buy materials. They placed large orders than production needs of today's province of Quang Nam. However, these customers do not have to buy candy cau cau like China but to serve the paint manufacturing industry, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical ...

"There must be an organization working to promote the market, the focus is ... materials, then export areca farming Vietnam is emerging," Mr. German said.

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