Ben Tre coconut products have more new markets

Update: 4/3/2015

Afternoon 16/7, at the preliminary conference industry and trade activities first 6 months of 2014 by the Department of Trade and Industry held in Ben Tre, Nguyen Van Phong, Head of Export Manager said Ben Tre coconut products decreased the dependence on the Chinese market and has added six new markets.

Specifically, the first 6 months of 2014, exports of agricultural products to the markets of Ben Tre China reached 27.32 million, accounting for 9.69% of the total exports of the province. Including 2014, exports of agricultural products to China is expected to account for about 15-20% of the province's total exports. The previous year, exports to the Chinese market accounted for 40-50% of the total exports of the province. The exports to China are coconut fruit, coconut fiber, coconut jelly, coconut oil ...

For Coconut products reduce dependence on the Chinese market, the Department of Trade and Industry leaders now require enhanced processing capacity, diversify products, coconut fruit consumed in the province, coconut export restrictions left to China (first 6 months in 2014 was exported to China 48 million coconut expected last 6 months of additional 35 million left, besides export processing must still left palm to keep prices benefit farmers population).

Ms. Huynh Thi Cam Chau, Deputy Director Food Processing Company coconut Quoi, said the production line desiccated coconut, coconut milk canned coconut Food Processing Company Quoi was running at full capacity. Looking ahead the company increase capacity production line of canned coconut milk to meet domestic demand and export. "If the male partner is now in a coconut supply is not afraid to depend on the Chinese market, because the processing of coconut products such as desiccated coconut, canned coconut milk is good in urban consumption Middle East, America. to proactively source material coconut, coconut Food processing company Quoi always buy high value coconut, coconut prices down even lower "- Ms. Chau said.

For items out of coconut fiber to China, the province now has more markets South Korea, Taiwan. He said there was room for another 6 new consumer market Ben Tre coconut products, including some countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and the former Soviet bloc countries of Eastern Europe (old).

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