Ninh Thuan fishermen seaweed cases where a large middle years

Update: 6/3/2015



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With aquaculture investment costs low, the high economic efficiency, seaweed farming has opened up a new direction in the transformation object aquaculture in Ninh Thuan, help people increase their income, improve good life.
Tan Bien Lac Village 3 , Phuoc Diem , Thuan Nam district , where menhaden harvest year , people have medium dark productivity , output times the price. Many households in the Phuoc Diem seaweed in his enthusiasm for a very long time , people in the street like this fun new cartilage .
This year 's net output test is set to high , average water surface area of 1 ha of farming harvest is over 10 fresh new grass , while the previous year obtained only from 7 to 8 fresh new grass / ha ( look under the haughty cord ) , and look in cage in competition yield up to 15 tons / ha .
Not only is the purchasing, supply seaweed significantly increased . Accordingly , 1kg fresh seaweed east cost from 4500-4800 , an increase of about 2,000 VND / kg compared to the previous year's service . In addition, dried seaweed provides premium price of 22,000 VND / kg , compared with the previous year increased by about 5000-7000 Service east / kg . Happily , this year no worries you empty transport to consume , but instead were traders take place till farming vehicle purchasing and shipping.
Anh Nguyen Van Hoa Lac village in Tan 3 , Phuoc Diem , Thuan Nam district , said excited , you have no empty yet fun year as this year , so just buy both middle middle part . He Hoa Family Service began farming on month 9/2013 , with an area of 1 ha water surface , this is the first rice harvest of Service feed . Only new first harvest but he Hoa productivity are quite high .
Currently , American family is already 60 million on net sale of cartilage in hand , and the rest is dried for sale.
As a famous seaweed farming in Phuoc Diem , Ngo Chau Ha did not expect that again this year purchased , is home to so .
Ha He said: " I worked as seaweed farming for more than 6 years, but this year unbelievable towage street , home again so high . This is indeed a good thing for the people employed waters look seaweed . rates so high , I offer three motor supply tensely raising sea harvest ban before Tet to worry revenues family activities for the new year . "
According to his analysis Ha , seaweed plant is well suited to the climatic conditions in Ninh Thuan , investment costs aquaculture supply low, about 35 and 40 million / ha / crop , while the 1 harvest to 3 times . Service revenue if it all original , hybrid test is set approximately two thirds compared with investment in farming .
Seaweed is grown in the format string tension , looks in net cages , floats and cages planted on the pond , in the dress , sheltered bays . Per 1 ha of water surface area in the range from 5 kilograms to 1 ton varieties , depending on the density or sparse day .
The main crop is empty cartilage starting from January 9 every year , this was the north wind , algae grow well . Over two months, starting the first fire dragon harvest . A year people can be harvested 3 times and ending in June of the following year 3 . Seaweed seaweed is growing very fast , the growth rate of 3-6 % / day , harvest when dried at about 30 tonnes / ha / Service .
Is seaweed plants Thallus form ( not differentiated into stems, roots really ) live by photosynthesis, is capable of nutrient uptake , primarily nitrogen and phosphorus for the synthesis of organic substances seaweed should have the effect of reducing the amount of organic matter in the water .
Growing seaweed is one of the solutions for biological treatment is effective for improving water quality in the area of aquaculture seafood . The chemical composition of the seaweed is mainly Carrageenan , which is the best additives in the food processing industry , cosmetics , medical and pharmaceutical . / .
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