Mekong Delta rice land planted corn on: Motorization, expand production

Update: 6/3/2015


The majority of agricultural workers to visit the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap patternrecognition corn on the efficiency of rice landcapable of replication.

Mechanized harvesting corn

28-10 days after the visit of maize hybrid model with high efficiency at Thanh Binh (Dong Thap),Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Quoc Doanh hosted the conference"Preliminarily rice land conversion program less effective to planting corn in the Mekong Delta. "

This is an important conference to identify new steps to expand corn areaWhile noting thecomments of the leaders of specialized agricultural agenciesprovincial DARD and businesses to improve processes SX fit.

Pattern matching, efficiency

2014Institute of Agricultural Sciences Vietnam (VASS) embark on transition model paddy plantingcorn on land, resulting in spring-summer maize crop (XH) in An Giang and Can Tho yield of 8-8 5tons / haat Duc HoaDuc Hue (Long An) Social and HT maize crop reaches 10-11 tonnes / ha.

At Thanh Binh (Dong Thap) autumn-winter maize crop (TD) achieve the highest yield of 10-12 tons /haAfter deducting the cost of corn farmers achieve superior return than rice, more than 6-7 million / haAchieving income growth of at least 20of farmers participating models than before the conversion.

Le Quoc ThanhDirector of the Center for Technology Transfer and Extension (under VAASsays:Efficient model is of great significancebecause in recent years rice production and sales ofinsecuritythe farmers profit diminishedBesides thatonly in the first 6 months of 2014, our countrymaize deficit of up to 2.9 million tons2.3 times greater than the same period in 2013.

The model proved Mekong Delta soil conditionsweather and climatic conditions favorable for the conversion of plant structureWhich converts corn consistent with the scheme "Restructuring the agricultural sector towards increasing the added value and sustainable development", the policyserves 200,000 hectares of rice land conversion inefficiency of government.

Hybrid maize farmers on rice field

Tran Truong Tan TaiDirector of Sales DEKLAB Vietnam Co. Ltdsaidin the past year (from Januaryto March 10-2014 10-2013Company accompanied Institute of Agricultural Science for Southernand implementation Fortune 54 Company model of maize through the DXXHHT over an area of 4,400 hectares in seven provinces in the region.

Mr Tai said"If the model has good coordination between the parties will be more successfulYetstill reach many bright spots, as typicalNhi Truong CommuneCau district Horizontal (Tra Vinh)with 0.7 hectares transition model from rice to maize, hybrid DK6919Volume Ten farmers (Phamvolume), achieved total sales of over 30.5 million, after deducting expenses reached 10.6 millionprofitWhile previous crop cultivationMr. Ten sales volume reached only 21.1 million, after deducting interest expense SX only 3.5 million.

In Tan LapTan Thanh (Long An), Mr. Dinh Van tags in 1.7 hectares of rice, corn on the ground HT2014, reaching sales of over 71.1 million, after deducting interest expenses 20.1 million.Compared to rice HT 2013 he could reach a total revenue of 49.2 Xiao Dongexcluding interestexpense SX 13.8 million ".

And yet disturbed

The majority of agricultural workers to visit the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap patternrecognition corn on the efficiency of rice landcapable of replication. Yet not a few commentswondering when the condition of infrastructure in the Delta remains difficult, especially investmentneeded to renovate the irrigation system irrigates the switch.

Maize harvest in the Mekong Delta

According to Department of Horticulturefrom early 2014 to now MD Transformation vegetablecrops estimated 162 117 ha, of which 25 to 30 thousand hectares of maizeThe corn modelinefficient rice land in the Mekong Delta has proven to bring high economic efficiencyIn An GiangDong Thap outstanding corn farmers profit 1.5-1.8 times higher than rice.

How farmers understand the conversion processAnd the problem is prerequisite consumer marketas more companies sign contracts with farmers to grow corn as possibleBy the present value of fresh corn in the 3400-3600 drop was VND / kg, so this conversion?

Meanwhile on labor, a farmer in the Delta can cultivate 10 hectares of ricebut corn only afford 2hectaresThis is due to lack of mechanizationTo expand SX, how have the machinery to farmers isa difficult problem.

Cao Van Hoadeputy director of Tien Giang DARD Evidence2014Tien Giang switch SX melon,corn on 3,500 hectaresActual corn can fully compete with ricebut requires focus motorizedstagesIf not done hardly reduce costs, it is difficult to expand the area.

Zhou Hong PhucVice Chairman Dong Thap Province, said, "In recent years, Dong Thapencourage farmers to switch to cornsesamesoy ... but corn really hard on rice field needscalculated applying mechanizedreducing costs further. "

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Quoc Doanh emphasizedPerformconversion plant is a major policy and government policies to support 2 million / ha on the plannedconversion. Besides MARD will support the technical implementation of the transformation model, including corn on rice land.

Recently maize transformation model results is the story started. We have built models andconfirmed the ability to replicateas model Thanh Binh districtDong ThapLong An ... This is due tothe local government and farmers adamant switchpositivecreative.

Looking ahead, there are 2 techniques to further research directionsas appropriate maizebreeding and mechanization in the Mekong DeltaHere is a key extension programsEarlyCultivation Department implemented a written transition plan to each provinceemphasis in theSocial TransformationHT and one for TDfocus simultaneously connect businesses with farmers in the production and sales of products.

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