Outlet for wood chip processing industry exports

Update: 10/3/2015


Not only are nagging worries about the lack of raw materials for production , processing factories in Vietnam Export wood shavings are facing other difficulties in the future of this industry can lead to " death's door " if not found a way to overcome .
Many risks lurking
Due to the severe shortage of raw materials to production today , many processing plants for export woodchip procurement policy applies plantation style " buy all disabilities" , the forest is not the right age to purchase notes . Even if the stress of competition , to maintain active material for the plant , many companies are willing to raise the purchase price bluff . Meanwhile , in about 3 million ha of plantations in Vietnam today , 50 % is owned by 1.4 million households . The majority of households participating in reforestation always undercapitalized .
Lack of investment capital for production , lack of money for family activities . Therefore, if anyone wanted to buy them immediately sell them young forest , not knowing the right age to sell forest productivity will decline . " Although not to the cycle of forest exploitation but if anyone tui to buy at high prices to sell immediately . By now most of the plantation farmers have used the same high quality , inability to extend cycle plant . Furthermore , early bird sale coin " fresh " to the cost of education for their children , to not have to worry about the wind storm flattened forests , " Mr. Nguyen Hai , a forest owner in the town of Van Canh , Van Canh district ( Binh Dinh ) , confided .
chopped wood exports
Wood materials are brought into the plant
According to Tran Le Huy , general secretary of the Association of Binh Dinh Timber and forest products , timber out of the forest plantation cycle is 5-7 years . However, there are more than 80% of all households sell forest is forest before the forest was 5 years old . Even more forest owners need to take advantage of the raw processing plants that supply increased scarcity occurred to attack " weight gain " for water by increasing wood moisture before transporting to the factory or on both branches to sell . Therefore, chip quality declining , to discredit the larger consumer market .
Where is the way out
Discussing the outlet for the export woodchip processing industry today , said Nguyen Ton Quyen , vice president of Wood and Forest Products Association VN , said immediately : " For the immediate future , the localities should stop immediately calculate permissive in granting permission for a new plant to reduce the risk of pressure on this sector . As far as we know , there are still some factories are pleased to continue building permits in some areas . "
According to Nguyen An Diem , president of the Association of Binh Dinh wood and forest products , want to open outlet for processing wood chips need to expand the export market stability as Japan , South Korea and Taiwan ; not only depend largely on the Chinese market , but in recent years has expressed uncertainty prices and imports . To get this quality plantation timber materials processing chip must be guaranteed , especially in mining cycle . The exploitation of young forests have been controlled by sanctions righteous . In addition, the certificate of land use right must be done synchronously to the forest owners stepping stone towards FSC certification , a prerequisite basis for woodchip product of strong progress in the Vietnam market fastidious about product traceability from plantation timber ...
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