Update: 11/3/2015

Vietnam’s export revenue from agro-forestry-fishery products has been estimated at 1.78 billion USD in February and around 4.18 billion USD for the first two months of 2015, a 1.9 percent decrease from the same period last year. 

Of the total figure, farm produce exports were valued at 1.87 billion USD, down 5.3 percent, seafood exports generated 907 million USD, an annual decline of 9.4 percent, and only forestry product exports saw an increase of 7.9 percent to 989 million USD, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. 

In February, 200,000 tonnes of rice were shipped abroad, bringing the total figure in the first two months to 526,000 tonnes valued at 243 million USD, down 33.1 percent in volume and 34 percent in value. 

The country saw January-February annual decreases of 25 percent in volume and 16.4 percent in value in coffee exports, or 242,000 tonnes and 511 million USD. In February alone, it sold 110,000 tonnes of coffee for 230 million USD. 

Notably, rubber exports recorded an increase of 30.5 percent in volume during the period, reaching 137,000 tonnes, but experienced a 6.3 percent decline in value, or 202 million USD. 

Tea and pepper both saw decreases in export volume but increases in value. During the two months, Vietnam exported 16,000 tonnes of tea and 22,000 tonnes of pepper corns for 28 million USD and 199 million USD, respectively. 

The cashew sector was the only to record growth in both volume and value. During January-February, 36,000 tonnes of cashew nuts were sold for 261 million USD, up 14.2 percent in volume and 36.8 percent in annual value.

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