Dragon fruit prices rose

Update: 12/3/2015

Huynh Hong Flushing, farmers have planted more than 25.000m2 dragon in Quang Khuongvillage, Quon Long Commune, Cho Gao (Tien Giang) said today in a garden dealers to purchasewhite-fleshed dragon type I, reaching export standard (leather ball, no trace, weighing more than330 grams / left and up) for $ 25,000 copper, dragon type II also VND15,000 / kg; increase5,000-7,000 VND / kg compared to the previous month. For red dragon fruit, dragon fruit priceshas cost 29,000 Type I / kg, dragon type II comes with a price of 17,000 VND / kg.

According to Mr. Flushing, this time white dragon fruit dragon is inversely service, stormed to lightup the high cost, while the red dragon fruit should remain in favorable seasons cheaper production costs. There are times the price of white dragon fruit red dragon fruit prices due to the relationshipbetween market supply and demand, but this time is very short, as dragon fruit with red-colored ironbeautiful, higher quality (higher sugar content ) should be preferred and the market price is usually higher than the white dragon fruit. However, red dragon fruit with thin skin downside is that it is difficult to transport and store than white-fleshed dragon.
Vo Ngoc Diep, group leaders cooperate dragon hatching Phu

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