Dried Catfish skin processing

Update: 3/13/2015

These kinds agricultural shell: shell pineapple (pineapple shells), Cocoa shells, the first shell shrimp,fish skin, corncobs, sawdust ... are forms of waste or byproducts from the production line, semi-processed agricultural production. Some types, such as pineapple shells, corn cobs, the first shrimp,fish skin ... worth the relatively high nutrient commonly used as animal feed, while others have valueas fertilizer, fuel. Everyday .. factories emit huge amounts of cover if not treated in time will be a huge source of pollution to the environment.

The common feature of these products is generally high relative humidity 50-60%, high porosity,large size is usually 0.5 to 1 cm, some large sized cob, shell cases there should be little before being put into the drying chamber.

  The residue type often requires long drying time, drying temperature is relatively low there are some possible ignition when the oven temperature increases, relatively dry residue than form.Suitable drying temperature usually at 100oC - 120oC.

Depending on the capacity to be able to choose a suitable drying equipment, drying best plans forconveyor dryers are still many stories to satisfy the drying time, the drying capacity, and

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