Vietnam fruit will 'doors' to America

Update: 3/19/2015


My assertion was quickly removed some procedural obstacles to Vietnam fruits are imported into this market.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat said at a meeting between Secretary Tom Vilsack USDA and State President Truong Tan Sang past, the United States is rapidly asserted remove some obstacles to fruit procedural Vietnam to be imported into the United States. 
According to the Minister, in a meeting between the Minister and his counterparts in the United States as well as access to agricultural My opinion of the Minister for State President Truong Tan Sang, many issues to promote cooperation in the field of agriculture between the two countries have yet. In particular, the two sides agreed to strengthen cooperation in promoting the application of scientific and technological cooperation in the field of adaptation to climate change. Both parties would have agreed to concretize the two issues. 
In addition, the two sides also discussed issues of mutual interest and agreed to cooperate handling problems exist to promote agricultural trade relations between the two countries, including the United States will soon have stated published for a number of tropical fruits in Vietnam as longan, litchi will be imported into the United States market, and continue to look for other items. 
"USDA Secretary acknowledged and said he would discuss with the relevant agencies of the United States in the Vietnam issue of concern, such as issues related to imported catfish, shrimp, honey from the Vietnam to America. The two sides also agreed to actively participate in negotiations trans-Pacific trade (TPP) to further strengthen relations between the two countries on agricultural products, "Minister Cao Duc Phat said. 
Dear Minister, when we questioned the barriers set in the American market for tra and basa from Vietnam, the Americans have opinions like? 
I also stated very specific with his Agriculture Minister the concerns of the United States in Vietnam, first of all a matter of dumping lawsuit, then get water as reference and Bangladesh sign quality monitoring program. The Minister also noted the concerns of Vietnam and said he would discuss with the relevant agencies of the United States to consider the concerns of Vietnam. 
After this meeting, the United States had any new measures to open up agricultural production for Vietnam in their market? 
Specific measures will soon announce least some kind of tropical fruit from Vietnam are imported into the United States market as litchi. American side promised to consider settling a two stages remaining legal procedures and will soon announce about this. 
Regarding TPP agreement, Vietnam's perspective how the negotiation and signing of this agreement? 
The negotiation and signing of this agreement is very important for our country and especially for the agricultural sector where most of the agricultural commodities we need more markets to increase production capacity in the country and the party is committed towards negotiating agreements signed by the end of this year.

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