More than 70 FDI projects in the fisheries sector

Update: 3/19/2015


According to the International Cooperation Department (MARD), there are currently more than 70 projects in foreign direct investment (FDI) in the fisheries sector, with over 310 million registered capital focused on farming, processing, aquaculture feed and seed. 
The project has just been stopped at a small scale, on average just over $ 4.4 million / project.

Now available in 18 countries and territories have invested projects in the fisheries sector in Vietnam, operating under goals, individual needs of each business, there is no link in the supply chain and production production.

The Ministry's assessment is attracting FDI projects aquaculture sector is still modest, is not commensurate with the potential, especially in the Mekong Delta is due to the confusion surrounding local strategy attract planning, promotion and management of foreign investment and national stature.

Representatives of the International Cooperation Department, said that so far the local implementation of fisheries development strategies Vietnam in 2020 to build the projects calling for foreign investment in high technology content and bring sustainability as well as complete offering preferential policies to attract foreign investment.

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