NPK-S Lam Thao increased carrot yield

Update: 3/25/2015

Plants can grow carrots on soil types, however Favorite alluvial soil slightly acidic to neutral pH 5.5 to 7porous.
1 The nameorigin and growth characteristics

Carrot Tree scientific name is Daucus carota varsativa of the family Umbelliferae canopy States.

Carrots are grown first in Afghanistan and then expand to 10-12 countries in the EasternMediterraneanthen moved out west about 14-15 European countries.

Carrot plants long usedis considered the first medicinal plantuntil the early years of the twentieth century were used as food plantsCarrots are famous for rich source of vitamin Avitamin B1B2, Cand also very pretty.

Carrots are root vegetables cropstuber yield significantly reduced if the tubers bulge stage water shortageCold toleranceproper temperature 16 - 210Chowever, can withstand high temperatures25 - 270Cat the right temperature to grow bulbstubers little high temperature.Temperatures above 270C or 150C lower than the old smallroughred lightthe amount of vitaminA in the lower bulb.

2 Requires soilnutrients

Tree roots and tubers carrots were lying on the ground, so land planted carrots should be at leastloosen soil to a depth of 0-20 -25 cmraised bedPlants can grow carrots on soil types, howeverFavorite alluvial soil slightly acidic to neutral pH 5.5 to 7porous.

If planted in light soilcoarse sand and shape many of the tubers will then deformeddistortedIfplanted in heavy soil (clay content is too high), the tree tends to leaf outhard to root outTo createsuch capacity in SXcarrot plants get nitrogen from the soil of many types (divided into 5 groups ofvegetablescarrot plants in the first group), potassium and phosphorus are average low (group 3 of the 4 groups ).

Planting season 3

Highland Da Lat (Lam Dong), Sa PaBac Ha (Lao Caican be grown year round carrotsNorth Delta carrots can be planted from autumn - winter - springsown in July8910111212 toOctober harvest111212345 There are 3 seasonal tree planting carrots:

- Department of Early sown in JulyAugust, the harvest in OctoberNovember.

- Key ServicesDirect seeding 9-10 are harvested in December and January next year.

- Department Late sowing 1-2 then harvested in April and 5.

4.-tillage, planting density

Carrots are closely planted trees leg (no nursery and planting stage), to the amount of particles is 4-5 kg / ha (140-180 gr / North pole 360 m2), if possible, the amount of technical sowing seedsmaybe less.

The soil should be ploweddeep hoeingtillage techniquesRaised bed 20-25 cm wide bed surfacefrom 1.2 to 1.5 mEvenly distributed on the surface of the bed linermixed with soil, then spread on a thin layer of surface soil before sowingSowing should be done to cover 1 layer of straw on waterand warm enoughWater daily until the plants grow.

+ Tree Pruning positioning 1-2 timesWhen plants 5-8 cm and 12-15 cm plant spacing to locate 10-12 x 20 cm corresponding density 310000-375000 trees / ha (11000-13500 trees / perchTonkin). If you sow good technique, only prune one time.
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