Cinnamon Powder - Spices great!

Update: 3/26/2015


Cinnamon contains many vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, vitamin A, niacin ..., in addition to rich in fiber and antioxidants so ancient, cinnamon has been used as a precious medicine in medicine. Cinnamon bark has been crushed into powder or grinding a little bit of water on to boil, let cool drink will help heal the digestive tract, respiratory, stimulate blood circulation, blood vessel circulation. When the weather is cold, drink hot cinnamon can help your body warmer, increasing resistance in the freezing cold. 
In food, cinnamon is also widely used for sweet and savory dishes. The aromatic, pungent and sweet smell of cinnamon helps eliminate down, causing the fish, meat, making the dish taste more appealing, stimulating the digestive system. With young children, the smell of cinnamon dish is also very little incentive to get used to the spices. When soup, chicken soup, you can add a small piece of cinnamon or cinnamon just to change the taste of the young infant has helped prevent diarrhea and anti-bacterial.

Cinnamon is also the main ingredients to make bread. In Japan, on the occasion of Tet cake festival Yatshuhashi indispensable ingredient is glutinous flour, red bean, cinnamon, brown beans, soybeans. Drug regarded as one of the favorite dishes of American, apple pie with a crunchy crust of dust, combined with soft apple and cinnamon scented also made the "sweet spot" infatuation.

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