Enrichment from fish maws processing

Update: 3/27/2015

From plant residues in seafood processing, but through the hands of the farmers, bubble fish, basathrone, gave birth to a new industry, bringing higher income for the owners and the jobs for rural workers.

Anh Tran Van Dumbfounded bubble fish exposure guidelines.

One of the rapidly booming farmers from processing model is his personal bubble Tran VanDumbfounded, born in 1968, lived Average incubation, Voice Giang commune, Thoai Son district.Coming from farmers 4th grade only school, but thanks to painstaking quest to learn how to eat, this young man went through a lot of occupations, such as rabbits, turtles, fish, fruit tree planting shortday ... but all failed, or effectively bring unexpected. No surrender, he went to the province of LongAn, Tien Giang, Binh Phuoc ... find a new business model, the fate of fish with bubbles jobhappened to be with him from the tips, preliminary indications of how the an acquaintance who wasin Tien Giang. Back home, Tran Van Dumbfounded started work immediately to try and find the problem is unsatisfactory product. Undeterred, I go online to find out, find successful instructorshould have come with

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