Update: 4/21/2015

1.   Concept

Sargassum is a large breed algae (macroalgae) of they open Sargassaceae live floating in the water. Trunk with the head near the round, from olive green to brown, sometimes grows to a few meters consists of a stick, a long stem branching and leaves to bring the genital pocket (ovum, chalk) .

2.   Distribution

Open widely distributed from north to south and the islands, most concentrated in coastal Da Nang city and Quang Nam, Binh Dinh, Khanh Hoa, Ninh Thuan provinces.

In Viet Nam, there are many kind of Sargassum, particularly in the North have listed 22 different kinds, such as long horn Sargassm sliquosum J. Ag., Sargassum kind of S. grucillium RBD., Sargassum ash S. glaucescens J. Ag., Sargassum bars spiny S. cinereum J. Ag., Broad brush S. Virgatum (Mert.) C. Ag., Sargassum narrow leaves S. angustifolium (Turn.) Ca. Ag. ...   (hình big leaf)

3.    Seasons

Sargassum growing from March to July each year, clinging to rocks or coral decline in the rainy season. Harvest time is the most appropriate open range between May to July when the algae on less than half a meter long, for the most output.

4.    Chemical composition 

Sargassum contain 10-15% inorganic salts (many of which are from 0.3 to 0.8% iodine, arsenic, potassium), 1-2% lipid, 4-5% proteins and lots of alginor alginic acid.


                                      small leaf                                                                     powder

5.     Uses  

 Sargassum to glue aginat, very precious for industry. Glue it to include tablet, has been studied in artificial serum, in surgical sutures, tarpaulin medicine antiseptic, hemostatic drugs.

- In industry, for fabric printing, lakes, plywood, artificial silk, and salt.

- In agricultural use as fertilizer, pesticide mixing, replace alum.

- In food, used in the manufacture of wines, candy.

Besides, Sargassum residue used in the manufacture of activated carbon used in medicine. Eat Sargassum to prevent and treat goiter (due to plant rich in iodine). It is used to treat cough, water barrel and skin diseases. 6-12g doses, as a decoction.

In Vietnam, Sargassum is the main raw material for production of alginate, mannitol and fucoidan - substances that dissolve blood clots effects, enhance immunity, anti-cancer, antiviral, diabetes prevention and reduction, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers.

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