Evaluate new sweet potato varieties

Update: 4/29/2015

Evaluate new sweet potato varieties

On 15/5 , Institute of Agricultural Science North Central conference report assay results 2 sweet potatoes and KTB4 KTB3 prospects .

Accordingly , the two new varieties are high yielding , good quality , strong growth rates , particularly adapted to the ecological conditions of the North Central Region . KTB3 yield of 20 tonnes / ha , oblong tubers , beautiful , white shell and gut .

KTB4 of over 25 tonnes / ha , wide adaptability , easy to grow and suitable for the production , animal husbandry and serving industrial processing .
Dr. Pham Hung Cuong , Chairman of the threads assessment : " Like KTB3 and KTB4 was bred under natural hybrid method ( multi- delivered ) from Strawberry sweet potatoes Zhan ( 2008 ) are selected , evaluated and named CD7 , and CD11 .

After the testing process conducted ecological areas in some provinces of the BTB and renamed KTB3 KTB4 . 2 new product lines to be put into production will serve to overcome difficulties like ... " .


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