Soc Trang: 30,000 MT purple onion inventory

Update: 11/5/2015


Currently in Vinh Chau town (Soc Trang) onion inventory estimated 30,000 tons, due to the difficulty consumption.

If early harvest sold for 17000-18000 / kg onion is current disastrous devaluation, only 2000-3000 VND / kg.

Among those barns all heavy losses, especially pressure onion preservation period can only last about 2-3 months.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Cong, Vice Chairman of Vinh Chau Town said this year shallot met stiff competition, Filipino farmers hit seasons, while imports declined unexpectedly in Indonesia. Therefore onion Soc mainly for domestic consumption.

2014, 6205 hectares in Vinh Chau onion, production reached 110 126 tonnes. Although local agricultural officials guiding farmers improve farming techniques and quality onion products, especially fertilizer balance, recommended th

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