dried anchovy small size

Update: 1/6/2015


For a long time, Anchovy is very popular in VN and over the world. In Vietnam, Anchovy specializes in Anchovy sauce, dried fish, frozen.
      Nowadays Anchovy become mail product in exporting market in Vietnam, and our company, DKPT is also one of the leading exporters about Anchovy dried fish of Vietnam.
      Our Anchovy product specializes in ca com Trung hoa in Vietnamese, Stolephorus chinensis in science’s name and Chinese anchovy in English. They are mainly caught from parallel of latitude ‘’11 – 15 degree’’ Northern of Binh Thuan, Ninh Thuan, Nha Trang, Phu Yen, Binh Dinh, Quang ngai province because this fish focus a lots here. It is caught near seashore in the short time (6 – 10 hours), so the anchovy quality is very good. After catching, they are transferred to manufactories.
Material (Anchovy) ---> Wash ---> Dry the sun ---> Packing ---> Preserving
Material (Anchovy) ---> Wash ---> Dry the sun --->Head on ---> Collecting size Packing ---> Preserving ---> Material (Anchovy) ---> Wash --->Dry the sun --->                        
Headless ---> Collecting size ---> Cutting head and cleannes ---> Dry the sun ---> Packing --->Preserving
         In this product, we process in 2 forms that are dried fresh Anchovy and dried steaming Anchovy. Generally, this is one of the most important products in exporting market in Asia and all over the world of our company.
It brings not only turn-over but also receipts to help our company survive and develop strongly.
         In short, this is a rich potential product, plentiful Anchovy material, large exporting market. However, this product has high competition between the producers and exporters in Vietnam. We, DKPT company has rich experience in exporting of dried Anchovy so we believe that it is our main exporting product at present and in 2009 with mainly market: Korea, Russia, Ukraine, England, America…… Together with this old market, we are developing new markets of dried Anchovy in the future
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