Why quality products of Vietnam Tapioca inadequate forever?

Update: 1/6/2015

Why quality products of Vietnam Tapioca inadequate forever?

( - Although manufacturing industry starch developed over 15 years, but wireless communication device 100% manufactured in Vietnam has not.

On the situation is the cause of product quality cassava in Vietnam is not high, low export value.

In recent years the development of cassava strong, widely grown in 6-ecological zones of the country with an area of 560,000 hectares, providing jobs for more than 1.2 million employees.

From trees to reduce poverty, cassava has become a commodity crops and agricultural commodities exported by the country's third largest after rice and coffee. Ministry of Trade and Industry put cassava and cassava products to the list of 10 items exported over $ 1 billion by 2009 from South Vietnam.

Cassava become one of the trees to help farmers reduce poverty

Vietnam is the second largest exporter in the world cassava and cassava products after Thailand, earned $ 1.35 billion (2012). It shows the location Cassava increasingly been raised, has brought huge benefits to the economy tecua Vietnam, Cassava also become an important source of income for farmers.
The country has 91 manufacturing plants starch on an industrial scale, with six processing plants alcohol. Compared to 5 years ago has doubled the number of factories and power gap3 times.

The existing plant has been investing 10-15 years ago, technology and equipment mainly from China, Thailand. Tay Ninh province is the country most plants (40 plants), in recent years due to the competition for higher quality products, some units have been invested in upgrading some parts line manufacturing, importing European equipment such as Wesfalia - Germany, Alfalaval - Sweden, ... but not many of them, and most are still using machines and equipment in China.

Although manufacturing industry starch developed over 15 years, but wireless communication device 100% manufactured in Vietnam has not, as yet the government agencies concerned properly invested. In some countries the private sector to actively explore and fabricated equipment production line starch but only reached 90% and the quality is limited. Besides, the device is considered to be the heart of the production line was centrifuged latex cup (separator) fully imported.

Technology CE cassava almost obsolete equipment from China
Since the state of technology and production equipment, such as on the quality of the starch production is average, compared with Thailand also lost about whiteness, impurities, fineness ... Moreover Thailand always policies to support the production and export promotion priorities (the Netherlands Phuthai directly implement programs to promote exports to China annually) from the above reasons should now Vietnam's hard to compete with businesses Thailand now.

Currently China has been expanding foreign tutruc, according acquiring or investing in new plant tapioca in Cambodia, Africa, .... will compete directly with the production unit domestic procurement of raw cassava from Cambodia while reducing dependence on the needs of enterprises in Vietnam.

From this situation, the Association of Vietnam has proposed to government agencies, interest and appreciation of the potential advantages of cassava industry, creating favorable conditions for Vietnam Association Cassava grows more.

Specifically, the state should invest in science, technology and processing of cassava starch Vietnam, improve product quality cassava starch, make many products after starch with higher added value, such as : modified starch, malt, ....

However, the immediate need of capital solutions for manufacturing starch exports. In case of slow flow, inventories increased, with preferential credit policies to remove difficulties for the cassava sector.


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