Glutinous rice flour support for intestinal diseases

Update: 4/6/2015

I have a gut disease, frequent diarrhea, fatigue, poor appetite somebody recommended using stareating glutinous rice powder to cure morning but I do not know how to do. Expect editorialinstructions - Nguyen Hoai Nga (Dong Da District, Hanoi).

ThS.BS Hoang Khanh Toan, Chairman of the Department of Traditional Medicine, Central MilitaryHospital 108: According to traditional medicine, sweet sticky rice, warm the spleen into threebusiness lines, and the waste, with the tonic medium gas utility, spleen and support the event, onlyseldom useful waste; commonly used to treat symptoms such as asthenia, go spleen damaged byliquid weakness, stomach ulcers - duodenal ...

Support glutinous rice flour intestinal diseases

To treat intestinal diseases: 500g glutinous rice soaked overnight, drained weaving shed and starsperfume, nostalgic paint yellow star 50g, finely pulverized two things, each light uses 20 - 30gstirring with boiling water, sugar just enough red and a little pepper to make breakfast dishes. Uses:Wen Pi, the ovule, only description for the intestinal disease, prolonged broken loose bowel, loss of appetite, fatigue damage due to

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