Enrichment from fish maws processing

Update: 11/6/2015

From plant residues in seafood processingbut through the hands of the farmersbubble fishbasathronegave birth to a new industry, bringing higher income for the owners and the jobs for rural workers.

Anh Tran Van Dumbfounded bubble fish exposure guidelines.

One of the rapidly booming farmers from processing model is his personal bubble Tran VanDumbfoundedborn in 1968lived Average incubationVoice Giang communeThoai Son district.Coming from farmers 4th grade only schoolbut thanks to painstaking quest to learn how to eatthis young man went through a lot of occupations, such as rabbitsturtlesfishfruit tree planting shortday ... but all failedor effectively bring unexpectedNo surrenderhe went to the province of LongAnTien GiangBinh Phuoc ... find a new business model, the fate of fish with bubbles jobhappened to be with him from the tipspreliminary indications of how the an acquaintance who wasin Tien GiangBack homeTran Van Dumbfounded started work immediately to try and find the problem is unsatisfactory productUndeterredI go online to find outfind successful instructorshould have come with hard workTo create a strong footholdprimarily through friends and relatives in Thailand and ChinaTran Van Dumbfounded directly find partners contracted to purchase and use their products without going through processing hub space and transport theproduct to the placeIt is important this event was to create advantage for manufacturers that not everyone can easily build.
Currently, the average per monthTran Van Dumbfounded basis preliminary processing about 20tonsper ton collection of about 24 million, excluding labor expenses (1kg is 5,000 contracts),electrical materials and water ... every year he rates over 1 billion. Talk about this professionMr. Tran Van innocently said: "This is a very easy job but to eat the losses, such as loss profile players.Because fresh fish from bubbles to be pretty much salted stagesFirst washbubble fish upside downjust to get the blood and veinsthen washed in brine 1 day1 night in environmental regulations toclean fish and white balloonsNext, angioplasty balloon fish on a rubber tubeexposed to the sunfor 2 days to dryWhen met at the rainycloudyno sun drying must be handled immediately.Average bubble 10kg 2kg fresh on finished productsPreliminary processing dried to put into thestockpile to the proper temperatureAlso hard to find a market for the product they signed a contract with the seafood processing plants to ensure raw materials are also a puzzle. "
Currently, even the rice is delicioussweet bubble fish farming careerbut he still birth Dumbfoundedadd dry ink pre-processing modelthe "variations" from technical processing Bubble fishOn average, each monthexcept for his expenses on the income of 40 million dong. Talking about hisbusiness model Tran Van Dumbfounded, Secretary, CPC Chairman Giang Dinh Thoai Van Hiensaid: "From the work efficiently helped his family better off Tran Van Dumbfounded, therebycreating the regular employment for hundreds of local idle, sometimes for up to 150 people onincome from VND 80,000-VND 100,000 / person / dayFrom this business modelmanyestablishments were springing upmaking the appearance of rural prosperity and climbing. "
Anh Tran Van Dumbfounded is 1 in 6 people are chosen typically reported at the meetingcommended farmers to produce good-trading past and Thoai Son district in two consecutive yearsare awarded Merit provincethe local awarded many certificates of meritAlong with the funheDumbfounded more excited for viable professionis investing more new equipment to expand production.


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