Coconut oil and preservatives

Update: 6/15/2015


Pure coconut oil or virgin coconut oil is extracted from coconuts originating from nature has many uses for healing, wellness and beauty for women. On naytinh coconut oil is used more and more common in our community from children to adults and the elderly can be used for many different purposes.

But where to buy coconut oil? Where to sell completely pure coconut oil and pure without any preparation, use of preservatives, bleaches? 
And many of you particularly interested in that virgin coconut oil is preserved like? Term use of virgin coconut oil is the time for how long? Coconut oil for how long? why the market has only coconut oil for a few months? why coconut oil can lead to a few weeks? 
In this article only refers to virgin coconut oil 100% pure cooking crafts, coconut oils, impurities will not be stored like this article. 
Let's learn about preservation of coconut oil: 
We reiterate that the coconut oil containing MCFA, and quality MCFA is characterized by very strong antimicrobial activity, particularly the ability to kill bacteria, fungi kill myself ... So oil coconut will not damage the bacterial attack, attempt or stinking without any preservatives.

So the preservation of coconut oil and gently: 
- Pure Coconut Oil is well preserved in glass bottles or plastic bottles at room temperature, no refrigerator, used to be a very long time in a few years. The best is still preserved coconut oil in glass bottles. 
- If you for as long as the coconut oil coconut oil as odor and color as the coconut candy, very nice. For a long time, you may see 01 let sediment settle to the bottom of the bottle of coconut oil duaban use. 
- If you're careful, after a period of 6 months to 1 year, then you can skip the boiling coconut oil from 3-5 minutes and then let it cool and then use normal coconut oil is good quality and very fragrant. Coconut oil is effective not put the change in high temperature and coconut oil does not cause toxic at high temperatures like other vegetable oils. 
- To avoid or insect is curious to, you can use coconut oil storage in the refrigerator, to cool to prevent, for long periods of coconut oil swear decades. At temperatures below 25 ° C, pure coconut oil will coagulate into porous, but still does not change the quality. When you need you just take a little spoon of coconut oil to the outside, some after being melted coconut oil, very convenient to apply to the skin or hair. 
- Is your best way to extract coconut oil into a small bottle for daily use, duagoc oil bottle will preserve safety and longer. 
- If coconut oil makes you sneeze smells unpleasant, you just need to fire boilers coconut oil to light about 3-5 minutes, the smell of coconut oil would all sneeze. 
Why outside coconut oil market has preserved only a few months or even less time? 
1 Reason 1: Outside the coconut oil-term use only a few months or no more than 6 months to 1 year because there simply is not 100% pure coconut oil. 
2 Reason # 2: the case of pure coconut oil do you buy or cook your own hands, but the shelf is only a few days or a few weeks or so high from 6 months - a year, why? simply because you or the manufacturer of coconut oil for cooking with too little time (time to ensure coconut oil heaters from 4 to 6 hours), oil duacua sure you own immature and less water evaporation and contamination coconut oil will end so perishable. With this method beneficial for manufacturers because often save time, gas and money this coconut oils to smell very fragrant and attractive suitable for the consumer market. 
The Fix: If you missed buying coconut oil smells very fragrant and ripe doubt about it you just chodau coconut to add stove for boiling from 15-60 minutes depending on the type of coconut oil, make sure the type impurities substance will evaporate completely. Then let the coconut oil is cold-term use will be up to several years as the article. But after nine modules, the coconut scent fades its inherent charm. 
Wishing you a safe plan with natural coconut oil products to protect the health and beauty of your family !.


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