Turn straw into fuel

Update: 6/24/2015

From 1 ton of straw, which can produce 250kg of liquid fuels ... The scientists at the Institute of Chemistry (Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology) has successfully produced bio-oil (Bio-oil) from straw by the pyrolysis technology.
The study opens the possibility of seeking alternative fuel sources for fossil fuel resources are in danger of increasingly scarce.
Burning straw = burning oil
'If burning 1 tonne of straw, the farmer gets only a negligible amount of ash to fertilize fields, and environmental pollutants. Meanwhile, 1 ton of straw can produce about 250kg of raw liquid fuel to produce biodiesel ... "Dr. Dang Tuyet Phuong room Equity surface chemistry, Institute of Chemistry of Vietnam said.

Straw is one of the agricultural waste has very little value to use: a part is used as feed for cattle, partially processed microbial fertilizer, also largely burned off on the field waste and environmental pollution.

The study results showed that each tonne of paddy for the corresponding gain will be 1.35 tonnes of straw in the field. From 2002 until now, our country's average production over 34 million tons / year.
This also means that more than 40 million tons of straw are generated annually. "If it is converted into bio-oil with 25% efficiency, then we can get 10 million tons of bio-oil per year," Dr. Dang Tuyet Phuong said.
New way to produce biofuels
Many countries have made biofuels from agricultural products such as corn (US), sugar cane (Brazil), beets (for European countries) ... to replace fossil fuels. But these materials are relatively expensive and unstable, not to mention can cause food crisis led to food insecurity.
Meanwhile, sources straw available and inexpensive accounting for about 66% of the total amount of agricultural waste, hardly used effectively. If you make use of straw resources to produce biofuels will have tremendous significance in many aspects.
According to Dr. Dang Tuyet Phuong, using straw pyrolysis method does not use catalyst (at a temperature of 550 degrees Celsius) create liquid fuel efficiency 25-30%. If using catalytic pyrolysis temperature can be decreased to 100 ° C to produce oil equivalent performance compared to when not using the catalyst.
Accordingly, the straw is collected and cleaned, dried and then put in the oven and heat the pyrolysis reaction composition.After will gain all three products in gaseous, liquid and solid. Products account for the bulk liquid, bio-oil (bio-oil), can be used in many fields such as chemical manufacturing, pharmaceutical, industrial, food or fuel.
Particularly in the field of energy, bio-oil can be used directly as fuel in power plants (heating boilers, furnaces, ...) or replace petroleum diesel to run the co.San solids (coal) with be used as activated charcoal, or fertilizer to improve soil back when adding some trace elements

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