Update: 6/7/2015

-Utans lazy tree (scientific name Sterclia lyhnophora Hance) also has many names such as orangutans, jellies, orang, orang fly, eagle customs agents, police son ... This is the kind of tree, 20-30 m high, large body erect, branched, and the only place left in the tops. 
Flowering starts in March and ripe fruit from June to August. Every mature tree to the left for about 50 kg of dry beans. Currently, 1 kg grain dry orang cost about 200 thousand. In particular, orangutans tree flowering and fruiting cycle 4 new 1 year left so this is your time. 
Previously, the plant area in Quang Nam orang lazy about 1,000 hectares, concentrated in the districts of Nam Giang, Dong Giang and Tay Giang, Tra My and Phuoc Son. In recent years, grain prices orang lazy (dry) continued to increase, "orang hackers" do not hesitate to eradicate exploitation style - trees down the left that area of narrow tree-utans only about 100 ha.

According to Oriental medicine, lazy-utans have heat effect (body cooling), detoxification, communication facilities, often used in treating dry cough, sore throat, vomiting blood, bloody bowel movements, nosebleeds, inflammation of the urology, toothache, sore red eyes, pimples ...

Recognizing its value, Zuoih, Nam Giang District has established patrols, village forest protection cumulative. He Blien Money, Head of orang forest protection lazy incremental said: "Spending our village has issued regulations for the conservation of orang tree. By harvest time, people are not cut down the tree, only to climb fruits. If someone cut the fines ranging from 2-5 million / tree ".

There are lazy orang harvests, most households are going gatherers, average household income of 20-30 million / season. Lam old village Joram glad cumulative said: "Since the regulation of the village Party branch launched, the village because everyone abide lazy tree fruit orang can get one season to another, feed their village. This is the right policy, agreed by the people ... ".

He Ploong boots, Deputy Party Secretary Zuoih said: "If you cut down the tree to pick the one who can get 1-2 million coins sold from the left, but only one receiver only once. If climbed for fruit, but little income but regular harvesting. The protection of village forests orang lazy incremental brought good results. From this model, social Zuoil Party issued a resolution on conservation advocates lazy tree-utans in the whole society. "

Before conservation, tree preservation lazy orang effectiveness of rural residents cumulative, people of other mountainous districts should learn to just keep forests forests while providing economic.

Yellow flowers (According NNVN)

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