Paradise dried fish festival season

Update: 8/7/2015

The last day of this year, boats busy fishing village dry dock in New Market and Khanh An (An Giang Province) to receive the goods move where. The busy working people, but still worry the lack of raw materials for processing. 
At the end of the year, the village drying fish in An Khanh New Market and busy day, preparing the materials for specialty dry goods, serving delicious New Year's Day. An Giang is considered where the famous dry fish production in the Mekong Delta, as the room dry fish, colorful fish swim, snakehead fish, dried snake ... Each year, the market can offer hundreds of tons dry and for export. 
Ms. Ngo Thi Anh specializes in dry mulch choke said: "Source material colorful fish present locally to do very little dry." Fish here mostly buy from the provinces of Ca Mau, Bac Lieu and Vinh Long. In recent years the import of raw material from Thailand by the recent and Kor Thum District, Kandal Province (Cambodia) about to dry. Timing acquisition is the most abundant iron fish from 11 to Tet, mostly fishing nets (natural fish catching), the large and evenly. And from February, 3 fish caught in the pond. 
It is also the busiest seasons, averaging one week per household oven for 2 to 4 dry tons choke (salt a day plus one night 2 day sun). Just 2 kg of fresh colorful fish as a food for a kg of dry, priced at 120000-150000 dong per kilogram, while the price in the New Year increase ranged from 170,000 to 200,000 VND per kg. Colorful fish dry mulch is sold in supermarkets in HCMC, Can Tho and prices ranging from 230,000 to 280,000 VND per kg. 
Recently farmers grow catfish and snakehead fish cages cotton in large quantities An Khanh village fish to produce more goods and dried snakehead fish market favorite. Anh Huynh Van Dung, specialized drying longtime residents in An Khanh commune, said: Village dry here year-round production, abundant raw materials are imported from Thailand to Cambodia border gate. The flood season water fish rich in copper, raw materials should be brought farmers sell fresh fish to take place. 
Typically each batch buy fresh fish from 5 to 10 tons, plus all his family with about 5 employees, each production batch to dry out on 3-6 tons, sold for a copper spot is 160000-220000 kg . An Khanh village has been dry science and technology department in An Giang province to establish cooperative and take the brand is "An Khanh Dry mulch colorful fish." 
Dry village in Cho Moi district also stirred over 2 months now no less than dry villages in Khanh An. It has about 40 production facilities snakehead dry. Mr. Nguyen Tan Tai, dried snakehead owners Kim Hue in Cho Moi district, said: "Currently the base has a lot of orders for Tet gifts to foreign countries as well as other markets. Problem wonder how to have enough materials. "
Currently this facility is only about 20-30% to meet the market demand. Purchase price of raw materials increased by 20% in comparison with the past. Raw material price increases have had, but what makes the owners more worried that no raw material while manufacturing is entering peak prepare for New Year Spectacular. 
<> Located on the waterfront pair of breasts Ditch, a tributary of the River Hau, An Khanh village drying, in the district of An Phu - An Giang was formed from several decades ago, is famous for many kinds of dried seafood. The days of Tet boats dock, fishing line up. Several dozen family with hundreds of workers are busy, from young to old gravitate together, guys Scale, the fish cleaning, toil all day. They clean the fish, salted to keep bringing up the next day basking platforms. 
Mr. Nguyen Van Them An Hoa hamlet, senior drying fish for over 10 years, said: Formerly, in the fall sprint, black fish in this enormous region, most colorful fish colorful speckled, also known as mulch, followed snakehead. Fish do not eat out, consume up to her new baby to think of ways salted dried transported for sale anywhere. Dried fish too unbelievably attractive mulch, moderate drinking is both a dish main dish family meal, have high commercial value so much in demand. Locals gradually developed into the village until now. 
In the production process, in addition to iron out the fish, farmers further processing other types of dry materials in place, cheap. Like fish, dry as traditional dishes of Vietnam. Many families in rural areas in the house always has the string dry noodles or sauce to spend, just in case rain does not go to market. 
Want a fascinating dry, taste, satisfactory food hygiene, people do have personal experience from selecting, harvesting fish, marinated fish until exposed to. Most importantly salting technique, if salty taste will take good, the meat will still pale stunned, losing toughness. Especially dry iron fish is fresh fish from the boat was put up while jumping bore erosion, if not flesh will friable, loss of appetite. 
Drying process also requires very sophisticated. Despite the colorful fish, snakehead fish or catfish also have been exposed to enough sunlight, coming straight line on the straight path because the child is about 2 meters in height, and must constantly go back and forth to dry fish are. Such beautiful colors, eye-catching look at.

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