Dried shrimp Dat Mui

Update: 7/17/2015

From the long, dry shrimp Cape Land was known, dried shrimp Dat Mui own taste and characteristics. Recently, there are not many places few traders, especially in Ho Chi Minh City ordering direct contact with the production facility, not through the clues in Ca Mau market.

     Production materials are usually dried shrimp Dat Mui types: Shrimp, shrimp lead, silver shrimp, shrimp stretch. To get 1kg of dried shrimp finished products, need about 7 - 8 kg of raw fresh shrimp. Processing stages is not easy. Each facility has its own way of processing orders and also according to traders. 
     Mr. Ly Hoang Tien, Party Secretary Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien district, the flat: The entire population of households currently have 12 production and processing dried shrimp, annual production of about 57 tons, and also from the creation of this profession more jobs for rural workers (approximately 100 employees) and contributed revenues of local budgets. Seeing the importance of the production and processing as well as the brand of dried shrimp Dat Mui, local leaders have been promoting for trademark registration. Future, dried shrimp Dat Mui hope can be sold not only in domestic but also reaching out to the world.

Exposure shrimp, this step requires the implementation to be difficult, often to be used for scraping dried shrimp evenly. Currently, the number of shrimp and so much rainy weather, less sunshine, the shrimp were dry Dat Mui dryer to dry the shrimp.

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