Information about seaweed powder Carrageenan in Ninh Thuan

Update: 1/8/2015

Sea vegetables in south central question is so blessed for our Vietnam by so many preciousproperties. From Japan, South Korea has used for so long, familiar in everyday life. As in Vietnam,the use of which has not been popular for many reasons, of which the most important reason is not many people know about the features and uses of the vegetable ...

Carrageenan extracted from red seaweed plants (plants seaweed) contains more than 20 trace elements, 13-20 free amino acids, of which there are many types necessary for the human body,and many kinds of vitamins A, B1 , B2, B6, C, D, E ......, has been used since 600 years ago and today is used in various types of products that people use every day. Carrageenan food proved to be completely safe and non-toxic, can be used in food with no limitation amount. Board of Food and Drug Administration of the United States has also said that foods containing Carrageenan has beengenerally recognized as safe products without toxins or carcinogens, so Carrageenan has beenincluded in the list of substances Security full of the ingredients used in food products. These includethe application of Carrageenan below:
1 In the milk industry.
2 In other food: fresh water gel,

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