Codes to America for two growing regions longan fruits

Update: 4/8/2015

Codes to America for two growing regions longan fruits

On 6-10, Department of Plant Protection Quarantine Agency said the United States has provided plant code for two growing areas mark the first fruits of Vietnam are eligible for export to the United States. 
These are two growing areas in longan fruits and Ben Tre, Dong Thap, the company has been exporting fruit product consumption contracts.

For codes of export to the United States, the planting longan fruits have been cultivated on the basis of criteria VietGAP but have control of the Plant Protection Department of Vietnam as to wrap fruit before harvest at least three weeks, do not be use of plant protection products group by the United States banned the use.

So, just wait Quarantine Agency American fauna codes for more irradiation plants are longan fruits from Vietnam will complete the process to export to this market.

According to the Department of Plant Protection, longan fruits expects first shipments will be exported to the United States in early 11-2014.

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