Update: 6/8/2015


         The growing demand  for snacks has led to the introdution of new edible food item like Tapioca chips. It has a rightful place in the household menu all over the country. This tasty delicacy makes a good titbit as a snack food item, not only in households but only in parties, gatherings, picnics etc.


 Tapioca chips are processed from raw tapioca roots into dry chip form. For application of the animal feed industry, the chips are normally pelletized into tapioca pellets or ground into tapioca meals for mixing with other feed ingredients. However, tapioca chips are also used widely in China, Brazil as well as Korea in the making of alcohol as a substitute to molasses and sweet potato.


            Manufacturing Process:


            Tapioca chips are manufactured from fresh roots, using semi automatic or fully automatic machineries. It involves following major operation:

Selection of tubers and washing  => 

Peeling/ Trimming process       =>

Slicing, washing and sorting     =>

De - watering                        =>

Frying, cooling and packing   

                            Thus, the process is very simple and standardised.



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