Specialties Ly Son garlic orphaned attract tourists, cost millions

Update: 7/8/2015

Specialties Ly Son garlic orphaned attract tourists, cost millions 
Clove of garlic a (also called garlic lonely, orphaned garlic) in the district of Ly Son Island (Quang Ngai) are becoming more expensive with a $ 1.2 million kg, 11 times the usual kind. 
September, at the end of the season orphaned garlic so scarce that prices of agricultural products increased significantly. If the previous three months, per kg of garlic is especially high selling is 700,000, but has now increased to 1.2 million.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh, specialized business categories orphaned garlic Ly Son island district, said a clove of garlic never again have such a high price this year. "Due to the scarcity of garlic lonely despite high prices to 1.2 million VND per kg, many visitors still find buyers for it. Households on Island reserves remaining garlic alone this time as big winners" , Mr. Thanh said.

Garlic cloves are not a specific breed, but a natural formation in the growth of the trees ordinary garlic. Instead of having lots of cloves, each bulb has only one clove. Increasingly barren soil, crop failure, particular kinds of garlic this more. For a long time people for garlic Ly Son island district alone as precious medicinal health protection in all conditions at sea away from the mainland, especially in winter weather rough seas. 
Per pole 500m2 to approximately 600kg garlic harvest is only about 2 kg, 5 kg at most only a clove of garlic. Once taken home, people pruning leaves, dried garlic orphans in roof rooftops. Dried garlic brittle, they gathered for a sealed container lined with foil to paint (kind of leaf moisture, termites) for preservation, storage crops all year without being damaged or lost.

Ms. Kim, the purchasing agent orphaned garlic Ly Son island district, said tourists visiting the island district increases, the demand for garlic orphaned as a gift for a loved growing garlic that kind of special pricing this becomes expensive.

"The harvest time ago, I bought her the island for more than 200 kg. Unfortunately, tourists buy up to 150 kg three months ago for $ 600,000 per kilogram only. Sang July, a clove of garlic prices constantly rising rocketed up to 1.2 million VND per kg. May 50 kilograms reserves to September, I sold 
According to traders, the farmers in the district of Ly Son Island reserves to about 300 kg of garlic orphans. It is expected this month, this particular type of garlic will be sold to tourists.

"Many customers have been ordering hundreds of kilograms asked for a clove of garlic Ly Son Island's event celebrated the official national grid roaming on 28/9. Few days, garlic orphaned scarce, prices have may continue to increase with the 1.5 million VND per kg, "Ms Hao, all dealers out, near the port of Ly Son garlic confided.

Talking to, Mr. Nguyen Van Le, Head of Infrastructure Economics and Rural Development, Ly Son island district for more, so can not find a method for mass planting in the field in the island so kind of garlic this alone is becoming increasingly scarce, expensive. The more Last season, a clove of garlic prices rising rapidly to over one million dong per kg. Thus, this special four kilograms of garlic sold in the market people can be more than a mere shopping SJC.

"Against this backdrop, we coordinate agencies regularly inspect the items of business to avoid carrying the product from other local garlic blend of this brand influence garlic orphans Ly Son island, "Le said.

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