Dried baby shrimp

Update: 8/8/2015

Dried baby shrimp

Baby shrimp, baby shrimp called my home - something that the origin of the North called shrimp sauce, shrimp tank called the Nghe An Land . The tofu shrimp dark purple, fragrant and sweet gift indeed be valuable and practical home. If you visit Nha Trang sea, remember, here is a bowl of shrimp tank (shrimp paste) the best in the country.

Shrimp species formed colonies in salty water depth of about 100-200 meters, the bottom is mud, fishing gear or nets are drawn parade. Around April to June, the breeding season decoy, sometimes clove children living in sandy shore, can be both above the waves washed ashore, coastal areas people can go to sing about soft sand to get the cloves.

The soup soup for summer as bubbles, buds promiscuous cultivation, vegetable Museum collection, vegetables, cucurbits ...; Moi used to salt pools shrimp, dried powdered seasoning, salt ...

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