The most important stage of preparing Fish Maws

Update: 11/18/2015

 Chinese traders have great demands Vietnamese Pangasius’ maws that have been processed in bulk recently, with very high price for processing into food.

    Those who have long experience say that they turn fresh fish maws into dried ones through so many stages.

      First of all, fresh fish maws are taken blood and tendons out, then rinsed, soaked into a safe solution for one day and one night to be clean and white. Next step is putting fish maws into rubber tubes (each tube contains 4-5 fish maws up to its size) and then rough-dry them in the sunlight for two days.

      The most important thing is to clean fish maws, no blood on them, if not they will be damaged. 10 kg fresh fish maws will be turned into 2 kgs dry ones at average.  Processing establishments can take about 5-6 tons of fresh fish maws each day, depending on market demand.

     There are many processing establishments of Fish maws export in Vietnam nowaday, so their price is increasing more and more. To actively, sufficiently have source inputs, the importers must pay deposit, sign covering consumption contracts with dozens of fish maw processing establishments in Vietnam to import them during rainy seasons and to avoid frequent price changes.

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