Update: 3/21/2017


Coconut tree is a valuable gift of nature to man. In the Southeast Asia, these trees have been used by indigenous people for more than 4,000 years in their daily lives. They give food, drinks, building material, fiber and fuel. The only part that was not used until the end of the 20th century was the inner part of the coconut shell. With the help of processing, people also found application in coconut fiber. A new product - a coconut substrate in briquettes emerged from the waste of this processing. People call it as “Cocopeat”.

Cocopeat is a natural fibre made out of coconut husks. The extraction of the coconut fibre from husks gives us a product called cocopeat. Cocopeat is a 100% natural growing medium. This cocopeat dried in the natural sun, are processed to produce different items namely cocopeat block, cocopeat briquettes, cocopeat tablets etc. This makes an excellent growing medium for hydrophonics or container plant growing.

Cocopeat briquettes have application in nurseries, home gardens, green houses and farming communities. It is an eco-friendly product that acts as an effective soil bed under greenhouse conditions. It yields better plant growth. Coco Peat Briquettes are available in different sizes and thicknesses. 

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