The use of coconut shell

Update: 8/23/2017

Coconut shell is the strongest part covered in coconut fruit. Coconut shell is located in between the coconut flesh and coconut husk. This shell is naturally created to protect the inner part of coconut. This is shell is use to produce various handicraft applies and other applications. Most of handmade decorative are created by using coconut shell due to their strength.


Coconut candle


Coconut lamp


Coconut wine glass

Coconut shells are also used to made charcoal which is use as fuel and this coconut charcoals are far better than other charcoals. Coconut shell charcoal is widely used to produce active carbon. Normally active carbon is known as the charcoal which has treated with oxygen’s. Active carbon is use widely for removing impurities. This coconut shell charcoals are widely used in purification industry and other industries which active carbon are used.


There is various method uses to produce active carbon and coconut shell produce the top grade active carbon charcoal which got great performances. There are lots of coconut shells need to produce 1 kg of active carbon but the charcoal created from coconut shell are much clean and good in quality compare to other charcoals productions. Coconut shell based active carbon production got great demand due to its high quality and there are various plants produce this active carbon from coconut shell in Sri Lanka, India and other Pacific countries where the coconut trees are available.











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