A Dilicious Coffeee Cup!

Update: 9/29/2017

A Dilicious Coffeee Cup!

There are three elements that contribute to creating a great cup of coffee - barista coffee machine and grinder and using high-quality coffee beans.

The barista is the heart of the coffee-making process. A good barista must manage the coffee beans and machinery to produce a consistently great cup of coffee. Within the coffee making process itself, the barista must manage the variables of grinding, dosing, distributing and tamping the coffee, of which there is a definite art.

In this writier, we provide you with an understanding of  ‘perfect’ coffee cup.

The Espresso


The latte is one of the beloved members of the espresso-based family. Recognised by its espresso shot, steamed milk and milk foam composition, this tasty caffeine hit is a favourite of many coffee consumers.


The cappuccino. It’s a popular option among coffee lovers, but what exactly is it? The typical cappuccino consists of three equally important elements: the espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk foam.

It is similar to the traditional latte, although the amount of foam sets it apart. Cappuccinos use a higher foam-to-milk ratio, along with a decadent dusting of chocolate on top.


A flat white is a coffee that is made by pouring velvety milk over a double shot of espresso. It is comparable to the cappuccino or latte but with much less foam.


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