Export Cassava Leaves

Update: 7/3/2013

As before, cassava stems and leaves are considered wastes, but now, people in Hau Giang, Vietnam, take advantage of selling them as animal feeds and export to African market.

Mr. Nguyen Mong Hung (growing cassava for 5 years) said that when farmers do not focus on selling orange, mandarin any more, cassava are noticed. A
s first, just few households intercropped for fun, only when traders came there to buy more and more, people around started planting cassava for sale. 

According to Hung, it's easy to plant cassava, there're less diseases, it just takes nearly two months after sowing to harvest the leaves regularly. In the dry season, cassava leaves are hot goods, but in the rainy season, they're ignored.

At locals, purchasing cassava leaves must be through a trader, so the price is not stable. Nguyen Mong Hung worry: " my family've been selling this way
 effectively, I'd like to expand the area, but afraid of unstable price".

Many households in the local are considering growing cassava with a large area, even thinking of giving up with the existing plant. This makes the local authorities concerned because when too much output, not keep consumption, there'll be price decreasing,...


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