Top ten fruits of Vietnam

Update: 12/14/2012

The Vietnam Record Book Center (Vietkings) has made public ten fruits of the highest economic value in Vietnam. These kinds of fruits are not only delicious and popular, but also meet the criteria for export.

The ten fruits are named after the first "Seeking Vietnam's specialties" program 2012. The Intellectual Property Office has granted the "Certificate of registered trademark" to these fruits.

1. Yellow longan is a famous fruit of the southern coastal city of Vung Tau. This variety of longan is appropriate to sandy soil.In Vung Tau, there are over 200 households planting yellow longan. Vung Tau yellow longan was granted with the Certificate of registered trademark in 2006.

2. Thanh Ha litchi is a specialty of the northern province of Hai Duong. This litchi variety has been in Hai Duong for more than 150 years. All litchi trees in Thanh Ha were multiplied from the ancestor litchi in Thuy Lam village in Thanh Son commune, Thanh Ha district, Hai Duong province. The Intellectual Property Office granted the Certificate of registered trademark to Thanh Ha litchi in 2007.

3. Sapote is a specialty of the southern province of Tien Giang. Mac Bac sapote is a widely-known brand in Tien Giang and the Mekong Delta. This variety is planted in communes on the bank of the Tien River, totaling around 2,000 hectares.

4. Lo Ren (blacksmith) star apple in Vinh Kim village in Chau Thanh district of the southern province of Tien Giang was created by a smith. Lo Ren star apple is planted in many communes in Cho Gao district of Tien Giang province. 

5. Hoa Loc mango has been a very famous fruit brand in southern Vietnam. Hoa Loc is the old name of Hoa Hung commune in Cai Be district of Tien Giang province. This variety of mango is not delicious if it is planted outside Hoa Loc. 

6. Pitaya is a famous fruit variety of Binh Thuan province and Vietnam in general. Pitaya is a major export product of Binh Tuan to Asian countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and China. 

7. Green peel pomelo is a specialty of the southern province of Ben Tre. This variety is planted in My Thanh An in Ben Tre city and Mo Cay district. Green peel pomelo won the first prize at a fruit competition held by the Southern Region Institute for Fruit Research. 

8. Pho Hien longan is the famous Huong Chi longan variety in the northern province of Hung Yen the past. There are various longan varieties in Hung Yen but Huong Chi longan is the best.

9. Ri6 durian of the southern province of Vinh Long is praised to be the best durian variety in Vietnam. It is named Ri6 after the name of Mr. Sau Ri, who created this variety in 1990.

10. Sugar mandarin is a famous fruit variety in the southern province of Tra Vinh.

Source VietNamNet Bridge


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