Plenty of green bananas in Vietnam

Update: 1/21/2013

During Tet, areas near the Red River become busier with ferries carrying green bananas. Not many people know that the alluvial soil of the Red River is a crop land ideal for growing bananas.

Many farmers from Hung Yen, Thai Binh, Vinh Phuc and the outskirts of Hanoi have grown their fruits and crops to sell in Hanoi when the alluvial soil becomes less flooded during rainy seasons.
They don’t earn much money from planting bananas but it’s very easy to grow them because they don’t need much care and nursing. Families are busy cutting their banana harvests. Bananas grown on alluvial are ideal. Many families sell bananas by themselves rather than through dealers so that they can more money. Houses become banana warehouses. In order to keep bananas fresh, they collect banana bunches gradually.
Each family can earn VND7-15 million ($378-756) during Tet. When water levels go up, they carry bananas with ferries. There are two kinds of banana: one is green and other is pink. The green ones are more delicious. They handle the fruits very carefully to keep them intact and fresh. Traders come to buy bananas in the early morning
During Tet, banana ferries become busier. Farmers can’t make much profit. Vendors also come here to buy bananas. All farmers are happy because bananas are collected at the right time.


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