10 Facts about turmeric

Update: 1/23/2013

Turmeric is the ingredient in curry that gives it a vibrant yellow color.

It is also used in mustard and many other common foods to impart a yellow shade.
India is the worlds largest producer of turmeric powder as well as the world‘s largest consumer of the powder.
The city of Erode in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu is the world‘s largest producer of turmeric. Erode has often been referred to as "Yellow City" or "Turmeric City."
It is a ritual in Indian weddings to apply turmeric paste over the bride and groom‘s face and arms.
Women in India sometimes use turmeric paste to remove excess body hair.
Dr. Eric Lattman of Aston University has identified turmeric as a natural antivenin for King Cobra snake bites.
People in the Middle Ages called turmeric "Indian saffron" because it was often used as a less expensive alternative to saffron.
A spoonful of turmeric added to the water in water-cooled radiators will stop leaks.
Turmeric paste is a home remedy for sunburn and it is also an ingredient in many commercial sunscreens.
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