Fruits of Viet Nam: Mango

Update: 1/28/2013

Though widely grown in the country’s Southern provinces, mangoes are most abundant between March to May, known as Vietnam’s mango season.
The country grows many different varieties of this fruit, of which the Cat mango (Ben Cat mango), Tuong mango (elephant mango) and Xiem mango (Siamese mango) are the most popular.

Each variety has a unique flavour, smell and taste, but all are generally sweet and tasty. In fact, the mango is branded as one of the best-tasting fruits ever.
When young, the fruit could be very green and gradually turns yellow, and when at its brightest yellow, indicates its ripeness. With its succulent sweetness and invigorating smell, all the fruits’ flavour is contained in its smooth-textured flesh on both cheeks hugging a single flat and oblong pit that is usually fibrous or hairy on the surface. 

To eat: Peel the fruit and carve the flesh lengthwise on both sides, keeping the knife as close as possible to the seed in the centre. As others eliminate the seeds, many still opt to serve it along with the delectable fleshy sliced sides. Served as an appetizer, the mango is best eaten fresh right after sliced in parts. They are also considered part of certain dishes, yet, using it as an ingredient for desserts is common. Mango juice and the dessert "Mango and Sticky (glutinous) Rice" are popular desserts in Viet Nam that incorporates this delicious fruit in its recipes.


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