Vietnamese herbs and potential benefits

Update: 1/28/2013

Herbs used as a spice has many additional benefits besides flavor and aroma to the dish. They contain nutrients, medicinal and other important functions.

Parsley (Petrosilinum crispum)
Spice plants contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron content. In medicine, it has many uses, such as reducing water-holding capacity, sweet ening our breath and eliminating bad breath.

This is a plant that contains highly cancer inhibitor, which is used to treat kidney and gallstones. In addition, parsley has ability of expectorant effectively, regulateing menstruation and easing flatulence and abdominal pain. This plant is also a powerful aphrodisiac.

Rosemarinus officinalis
These are herbs with anti-parasitic, anti-depressant and antiseptic ability. It contains vitamin A, C, and iron. Rosemary have a calming effect the digestive system, so it is used to treat nervous stomach, headache and depression related to stress. In addition, this plant is used to treat sciatica, muscle pain, neuralgia and promote hair growth.

Thymus vulgaris
Thyme also contains vitamin A and C and iron, a powerful antiseptic and is used to treat respiratory problems, digestive tract and wound infections. This plant helps to reduce sore throat, cough and is used for the treatment of bronchitis, whooping cough, and asthma. It also has a  ability to stop diarrhea and reduce enuresis in children.

Osimum basilicum
In the leaves of basil contains vitamin A and C, iron and calcium. Basil is also used to relieve pain and itching caused by insect bites, snake bites and bee stings. It is also used to relieve stomach related disorders, reduce vomiting.
Origanum vulgare
This plant contains vitamin A, C, calcium and iron, which acts as powerful antibiotic, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal. Marjoram is used to treat chronic sinusitis, infections of the mouth, teeth, gums, respiratory tract infections, yeast infections and digestive problems. This tree is also used to stimulate appetite.

Melissa officinalis
This herb is used to reduce stress and anxiety. It may cause drowsiness. This plant also reduces blood pressure and is used to treat fever, flu and infections, to help stabilize the digestive tract. Planting trees in the garden will also help attract useful bees and catch pests out of the garden.


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